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TK8 Safe is a password management and storage tool
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TK8 Safe is a password management and storage tool. It allows you to create a database with all your passwords, and then it encrypts your data with an AES algorithm. Every time you use the application, you have to enter the master password - without it, the file that contains all your passwords can't be accessed. AES is extremely hard to crack, too.

Once you have created a storage file and set a good password to protect it, you can start inputting your other passwords. TK8 Safe allows you to enter regular passwords, credit card numbers, serial numbers, and even notes and files.

As an application that can keep track of passwords and other important data, TK8 Safe is very good. However, it isn't quite well-equipped for retrieving those passwords in an efficient manner. Of course, you can access the passwords when you want to use them on a website by clicking the tray icon, and they will automatically be entered in the screen. But you have to tell the application what password entry corresponds to the website that you are actually on (only the first time). A web browser toolbar would make things so much easier.

TK8 Safe can also generate passwords for you, and they are pretty secure, but you can't do it from the web browser, which is the most used application on your computer for entering passwords. You are always forced to go back to the application and enter the data manually.

All in all, despite its weak integration with web browsers, TK8 Safe does provide good password management functionality, and it allows you to encrypt files as well.

José Fernández
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  • Support for file encryption
  • Password generation
  • Auto-lock feature


  • No browser integration
  • Not as automatic as I'd like it to be
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